Let’s Try This Again….Fun With Photo Booths!

Hello fellow DIY’ers!

It seems we have experienced some technical difficulties with our blog…However, the issues seem to have been resolved! That being said we will be starting “Fun with Photo Booths!” over to ensure everyone is featured. So our original post will remain up until noon tomorrow, check back for updates!

This week our DIY theme will be “Fun with Photo Booths!” Beginning today and for the rest of the week we will be highlighting some of our favorite photo booth ideas, featuring bloggers from around the country!

Kicking off our first ever DIY theme week is the fantastic blogger Gilit and her blog Shoes Off Please!


Head to her blog to see how to create these amazing photo booth backdrops yourself!

A bit about the author of Shoes Off Please:

“Shoes Off Please, a blog about parties, DIYs, and decor!

My name is Gilit (pronounced Geeleet, emphasis on the second syllable) and I’m really happy you’re here because now we can commence our life-long friendship. Whew, that was a big milestone!”


Tune in tomorrow for more amazing inspiration from the world of bloggers!

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